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Neonatologist & Paediatrician

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. BABU MEDEHAL IS A  is a NEONATOLOGIST AND A  Paediatrician. He graduated from VIJAYANAGARA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, BELLARY with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery and subsequently completed his Masters’s in Paediatrics (MD) from MVJ, Bengaluru. 

His eagerness to see every child and parent succeed fuels her relentless pursuit to consistently provide holistic care with a personal touch. With a strong belief in optimizing every child’s potential, Dr. Babu is dedicated to providing personalized care for children and their families. Being trained in Neonatology at Rainbow Children’s hospital, Hyderabad, Dr Babu pays special attention to newborns with the goal of empowering parents to feel confident in parenting, and for them to form strong, resilient bonds with their children. 

We welcome you all to this child-friendly colourful clinic in Hyderabad and hope you have a pleasant experience

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