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Kids Docs Clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality vaccination services for healthier lives across the globe at a reasonable cost with all proper measures to be taken while providing the Vaccines.

Travel vaccinations

International Travel Vaccinations

Asia is amazing; Africa is amazing; South America is fascinating, and the Caribbean is a paradise. But foreign diseases are NOT! Kids Docs Clinic is an official vaccination centre and can help you plan and take simple precautions to make your trip a pleasant and healthy experience. for your planned travel destination, as well as additional pre-travel needs such as insect repellent for skin and clothing, toiletries, medical equipment and travel insurance information. Remember that you want to bring back precious memories and photos, NOT diseases. 

We hope you can find everything you need. Kids Docs Clinic focuses on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction to meet your expectations. Kids Docs Clinic is a centre for yellow fever vaccination and other vaccinations, geared towards travel and medical services. Vaccination services are provided for international travel and domestic travel for adolescents and adults, including proof of titles to verify immunity.

Travel Immunizations Available

We are one of the fastest-growing Vaccines centres in Hyderabad providing high-quality vaccines at a reasonable cost. We also provide Home Vaccination services for Travel Vaccines.

We support our vaccine-related efforts and treatment programs for diseases like 

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • POLIO and others.

We also extend our services to international travellers, who travel exclusively to countries like the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, UAE & all African countries etc.

We provide valid certification & also an International certificate of vaccination as specified by WHO  for the vaccines taken as per the Visa / Passport specifications.

Travel wisely – get Immunized! 

Kids Docs Clinic ensures travellers are aware and better prepared to prevent and control illness and accidents when they are away from home. 

  • Relevant vaccinations and information on health risks at the destination 
  • Personal health of the traveller, including previous vaccinations and anamnesis.
  • Measures to prevent dangerous insect bites and common diseases.
  • Medical services are available at the destination 

No one is immune from the risks of travelling, not even in” safe “situations and accessible destinations. And the less developed tropical regions pose serious health threats that must be guarded against. Kids Docs understands the travel routes of private and business travellers, offers international connections and gives helpful advice on medical equipment for travellers. financial and psychological agony when you get some preventive vaccinations at Kids Docs. Have a nice and healthy vacation!

Vaccines work by exposing our bodies to infection so that we develop immunity to it. The advantage of a vaccine is that instead of getting the full-blown disease, we can be immunized by taking a weak version of the infection. immune to the disease without having to get sick first. Vaccines are critical to preventing mortality as 25% of deaths are due to infection. Substantial improvements and increased vaccination of adults are needed to reduce the health consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases in adults.


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