I am Dr Madhusudhan, working as Biochemist in Adoni and my wife is native of Bellary. This review is our personal experience with DR BABU MEDEHAL sir. I was married in 2015. My wife had PCOS with irregular periods. After many treatments she became pregnant. Unfortunately, one month before due date both of us fell down from vehicle. As the amniotic fluid was leaked we rushed to hospital and C-section was performed immediately on Sunday around 4pm. My wife delivered a pre-term male child.

Till night 10 pm baby was fine. Suddenly, baby turned to blue and found difficult to take breath. Gynaecologist tried his best then suggested to take emergency unit of paediatric department, Govt Hospital Bellary. We rushed to government hospital and duty doctor in paediatrics department informed that beds were not available and suggested to take to private sector.

Being in medical sector, I am very much afraid as i am unaware of private doctors in Bellary and hospitals closed due to Sunday-midnight. I called to Gynaecologist and he rang up to Dr Babu Medehal WHO CAME AS GOD TO SAVE MY CHILD at around 11.45pm. DR BABU MEDEHAL sir checked my baby and suggested to admit as soon as possible where had NICU set up with C-PAP. I requested DR BABU MEDEHAL sir as i am unaware of the units where the facility available. Again, DR BABU MEDEHAL personally enquired and requested for a bed to Dr Srikanth, BKS hospital where NICU facility is available and we admitted our child around 2pm.

Till 5 days every day 4 times Dr Babu Medehal sir used to come to check my child. Dr Babu Medhal sir was VERY SINCERE in his timings and duty. I came to know with his treatment that Dr Babu Medehal is WELL QUALIFIED, had a GOOD KNOWLEDGE on MODERN TREATMENT WAYS and more INFORMATIVE. He handover our child safely and what can i say to him at that time, THANKS………. NOT ENOUGH. We both thanked hole heartedly by rolling tears from our eyes.

After that, till the age of 6 months almost 30-40 times we went to Dr Babu Medehal sir with various reasons/ problems and contacted through phone for health requirement of our child. HE WAS PATIENT, CLAM, INFORMATIVE and DIGNIFIED with females at every time an every aspect. Even in off timings also sir took the EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT till he come back. Major asset of DR BABU MEDEHAL sir treatment is “HE NEVER GOES FOR UNNECESSARY LAB TESTS, OVERUSE OF ANTIBIOTICS and HIGH DOSE TREATMENTS”.

We are very comfortable and without fear of our child health till DR BABU MEDEHAL sir was in Bellary. However, is unfortunate for us as DR BABU MEDEHAL sir left to Hyderabad. We struggled a lot to find another paediatrician who manages as sir one he left from Bellary.

It’s a great pleasure for people with their kids and children around “Dr Babu Medehal sir and KIDS DOCS CHILDREN CLINC” as my review can talk with you how sir can take care of the children and no need to explain more regarding Dr Babu Medhal sir who met him personally.

Sir, we really miss you and remember you always when i see my child.
Thank you
All the best for your new KIDS DOCS CHILDRENS CLINIC
DR. A. Madhusudhan PhD
ROWJEE Diagnostics

Adoni, Kurnool (DIST), A.P


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